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Latest Analysis: Global Business Outlook Survey of Senior Executives 2013-2014

“Global Business Outlook Survey of Senior Executives 2013-2014” is a new report by ICD Research that analyzes how companies' procurement expenditures, business strategies, media spend, marketing and sales strategies and practices, and business planning are set to change in 2013-2014. This report gives you access to the category-level spending outlooks, budgets, supplier selection criteria, business challenges, current size of the marketing and advertising budgets and investment opportunities of senior level executives. The report also identifies the future growth of buyers and suppliers, MandA, capital expenditure, staff hiring, and e-procurement. This report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors, but also examines their actions surrounding business priorities. The report also provides access to information categorized by region, company type and sizes.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from ICD Research's exclusive panel of leading global senior level executives from industries such as such as mining, medical devices, food and beverage, packaging, power, airports, oil and gas and pharmaceutical. The report includes key topics such as procurement behaviors and strategies, the current size of the marketing and advertising budgets. Furthermore the report also identifies the threats and opportunities, economic outlook trends, MandA expectations, media channel spending outlooks, media budgets, marketing agency selection criteria, business challenges and confidence among senior level executives across various industries. Most secondary research reports are based on general industry drivers and do not understand the industry executives' attitude and changing behaviors, creating a gap in presenting the business outlook of the industry. In an effort to bridge this gap, ICD Research created this primary-research based report by gathering the opinions of multiple stake holders in the value-chain of the industry

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

Overall, senior level executives anticipate an increase in levels of consolidation with 62% of respondents expecting an increase in MandA activity in 2013.

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The most enthusiastic home cooks, who have both strong interest in cooking from scratch and advanced cooking skills, are a core target for the cookware market and are well-served by top cookware brands and specialty retailers. While marketers can’t ignore this hard-core group, category growth may require a more concerted effort at reaching out to a broader, less highly skilled audience.

Table of Content

Scope and Themes
What you need to know
Segmentation definitions and overview
Data sources
Consumer survey data
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary
The market
Category tracks with slow improvement in economy
Figure 1: Total U.S. retail sales of cookware and fan chart forecast, at current prices, 2008-18
Segments offering specialization and convenience outperform the market
Figure 2: Total U.S. retail sales of cookware, by segment, 2011 and 2013
Discount stores lead sales, specialty stores experience growth
The consumer
Cooking interest and skill drive category purchases
Figure 3: Purchase of cookware, by cooking segments, April 2013
Replacement remains top reason for purchase
Figure 4: Reasons for purchase of cookware/bakeware, April 2013
Easy cleaning and price most important purchase considerations
Figure 5: Attribute importance for cookware and bakeware, very important, April 2013
Attitudes toward cookware and bakeware
Figure 6: Attitudes toward cookware and cooking, agree strongly, April 2013
What we think

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2013 China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report Now At

The 12th Five-Year Planning concerning cold chain logistics was issued in 2011 following the release of Farm Produce Cold Chain Logistics Development Planning by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in 2010. Thanks to these plannings, China cold chain logistics industry has seen exceedingly rapid development in recent years.

In 2012-2013, the development of cold chain logistics industry features:

1. Driven by preferential policies and soaring market demand, China’s demand for refrigerated vehicles saw an upward mobility year by year, with the output of heat preservation vehicles growing by 10% in 2005-2010 up to 13.8% in 2011-2012. In 2012, the heat preservation vehicle output in China hit 7,063. In particular, major heat preservation vehicle producers including FOTON, ZHENJIANG SPEED AUTOMOBILE CO., and CIMC all enjoyed the market share of at least  10%.

2. The cold storage presents unreasonable structure despite constant rapid progress. As of late 2012, the statistics showed that the gross volume of cold storage in China surged by roughly 20% year-on-year to 85.35 million sq meters, of which, congelation cold storage (including ice store)’s volume registered 55.02 million cubic meters, refrigerant cold storage (including air-conditioned cold store) 30.15 million cubic meters and ultra-low temperature freezer 180,000 cubic meters. In terms of cold storage construction, the nationwide top three comes to Henan Zhongpin Fresh Food Logistics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Gaishi Agricultural Trade.

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Global and China Luxury Apparel Market Report, 2012-2015:

In 2012, the global luxury market valued EUR212 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 10%. Chinese consumers became the world's largest consumer group of luxury goods and they spent RMB306 billion in the world, most of which was done in Hong Kong, Macao and other countries / regions, while only 39.28% in Mainland China. In 2012, as China's economic growth slowed down as well as the government cut expenses on dining, cars, wine and other aspects, the Chinese mainland luxury consumption cooled down substantially, and the growth rate of the total consumption of luxury goods dropped from 30% in 2011 to 7.2% in 2012. However, Chinese luxury consumers have changed their attitude from showing off to enjoying and rational consumption with more mature consumption concept, so Ch

Global and China Marine Diesel Engine Industry Report, 2012-2013:
In 2012, affected by the economic slowdown, shipping market slump, shipbuilding order contraction and other factors, the global marine diesel engine market shrank by 12.9% year on year to 67.27 million horsepower. In 2013, it’s expected that the global shipping market will continue to face difficulties, and the marine diesel engine market size will keep decreasing, to 65.91 million horsepower.  MAN and W?rtsil?, two global marine diesel engine giants, share 98% of the global low-speed marine engine market and 70% of the global medium-speed marine engine market.  At present, although China is the world's largest shipbuilding country, the development of marine diesel engines is relatively slow, and the production is mainly carried out through technology licensing of

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